Augmented and Virtual Reality in Our Society

Provided by ECE Paris & Lyon: School of Engineering

July 2nd to july 19th

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Program Overview and Objective

We will try by this program to give response to those three questions:

  • What does it mean the term “Virtual and Augmented Reality”?
  • What is the need of the “Virtual and Augmented Reality” inour Society?
  • What is the future of the “Virtual and Augmented Reality”?

We will present an exhaustive view of the Virtual and Augmented Reality domain, including a global view, a panorama of example, and a projection to the future.

Augmented/Virtual Reality Introduction

This lecture provides a comprehensive introduction to the fields of Augmented and Virtual Reality. In this part we will also see how using technology as «VR/AR» can help us in our life; and how it is easy to use this kind of technology.

*No technical previous Knowledge is required. But a previous knowledge of 3D geometry fundamentals, or virtual reality and Object Recognition is a JOKER.

Augmented/Virtual Reality Sensors and Network Infrastructure

In this part, we will see how monitoring the technological advances, is one of the keys of the success for RA/RV applications. A state of the art of the technological advances will presented and the future tendencies will be also explored for this lecture.

* For this part of lecture, an external visit to AR/VR company in Paris area will be organized.
** The students are going also to experiment a basic VR Glasses production during Fablab session.

Augmented/Virtual Reality Products/Projects and Future

In this part we will see how to build and sell new applications in RA/RV: how to think the Business Model; and how to include new technology in your work to make it more productive.

*The students are going to work by groups to propose innovative ideas related to the VR/AR domain. A specific product based on AR/VR technology will be designed by the students. A first technical POC is not requested but will be an excellent additional result.

Active Pedagogy Program Based

This program is build based on active pedagogy methodology. “Learning by doing”. Each student will be able to produce the best of himself and will be evaluated considering his progression compare to his background.

Paris Campus Eiffel - 3 weeks

2nd to 19th July

60 hours of courses, in English with seminars, case studies, company and cultural visits.

The final grades of the certificate obtained by the candidates will reflect a mix of:

  • active participation, oral presentations
  • case studies, workshops
  • exams

Each 3-week program delivers 8 ECTS credits.

Attendance to all lectures is compulsory in order to obtain the Certificate.



Campus Eiffel
10 rue Sextius Michel
75015 Paris

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