Doing Diplomacy in Europe

Provided by HEIP: Hautes Etudes Internationales & Politiques

July 2nd to july 19th

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European States Foreign Policy

If you had always been curious to know how so many states - sharing few but a part of a continent – could get together to form a common union, this seminar should meet your expectations. This course aims at presenting the diversity of European Foreign Policies and where this diversity comes from. Indeed, each European State presents specific features in its political, diplomatic and economic preferences and cooperation, both within and outside the European Union. You will learn about the origin of this diversity : religions, political traditions and systems, geopolitical constraints. You will also know to what extend this diversity has impacted Foreign Policies of the EU member countries and the related challenges for the European Political Construction.

International Negociations: Narrative & Diplomacy

If you ever dreamt of being able to lead an international negotiation, this course is a perfect introduction to what you should expect. You won’t learn how to write historical speech but how to write on an international political and economic matters. You will develop your diplomacy and how to turn it into words. You will – at the reverse – get to analyze political discourses and interviews given by Heads of States & ministers of foreign policy. This course lives thanks to the participation of the students and their pro-activity. They will be asked to participate in several rolepays in order to put in practice the theories learnt during the seminars.

International Negociations : Crisis and Conflict Resolution

Crisis and conflict resolution is one of the most important skill for an international negotiator as it is one very delicate situation a State can be facing. In this course, the students will learn from study cases, such as anti-EU protests in Greece among other significant illustrative examples. You will be introduced to the mechanism of conflict so that you can be able to determine the main actors in a conflict. You will also know on conflict prevention and management, conflict resolution and postrehabilitation. By the end of the course, you will know how to select the policies and strategies for Peace building operations and implementations.

European Union Contemporary Issues

Throughout the recent years, the E.U. has gone through a series of political, economic and migratory crises, resulting in political tensions (Ukraine and Russia), economic turmoil (Greece and the Eurocrisis), the rise of populism and independantist movements, the Brexit and the question of state legitimacy. During this course, discussions will seek to identify the different E.U. crises and develop the student’s reflexion on the E.U. crises potential impact on the E.U. integration process. This summer program will be a unique opportunity for you to visit some of the key French institutions in international decision making (Assemblée Nationale, Sénat) and meet with international decision makers. You will also have the chance to go to Brussels and visit the European Parliament and know more about the role if this institution and the birth of the European Union.

Paris Campus Eiffel - 3 weeks

2nd to 19th July

60 hours of courses, in English with seminars, case studies, company and cultural visits.

The final grades of the certificate obtained by the candidates will reflect a mix of:

  • active participation, oral presentations
  • case studies, workshops
  • exams

Each 3-week program delivers 8 ECTS credits.

Attendance to all lectures is compulsory in order to obtain the Certificate.



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