French Luxury
Marketing & Management

Provided by ESCE Paris: International Business School

July 2nd to july 19th

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Luxe à la Française (English)

The course aims to enrich students’ general knowledge of the fields of art, fashion and luxury over the past century. Additionally we will work on key concepts in fashion advertising, by acquiring a base in the history of luxury (fashion, jewels, accessories) and in the evolution of technics in luxury marketing throughout the twentieth century. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to anticipate trends. Furthermore, this course will allow students the opportunity to develop their creativity in the field of communication.

Exploring French Wines

Introduction to the French wine industry in relation to other major producers and global competitors in an expanding marketplace:

  • Get an overview of strategic issues surrounding French wine today
  • Learn about the various climatic and economic factors influencing how wine is made
  • Learn about the economics and marketing of wine
  • Learn how to taste and evaluate wine from white, red, rosé to sparkling.

How to become a French Gourmet

This course presents the multiple facets of French gastronomy via the following recipe.

Mix 1/3 culinary culture (history, chefs, iconic dishes) with 1/3 knowledge of products from the French « terroir » and add a final third of knowledge of technique and « savoir faire » with highlights being a different tasting in each class and one or two culinary workshops.

Paris Campus Eiffel - 3 weeks

2nd to 19th July

60 hours of courses, in English with seminars, case studies, company and cultural visits.

The final grades of the certificate obtained by the candidates will reflect a mix of:

  • active participation, oral presentations
  • case studies, workshops
  • exams

Each 3-week program delivers 8 ECTS credits.

Attendance to all lectures is compulsory in order to obtain the Certificate.



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