International Business in an Era of Digital Globalization

Provided by ESCE Paris: International Business School

July 2nd to july 19th

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This course aims at understanding the changes and trends and how global companies can react and adapt to the new rules of international business.

Understanding international Business Environment

This course examines complex international economic, political, social and business environment.It aims at analyzing the current geopolitical conflicts.
It gives insight about 5 major changes that affect international business:

  • The Post 9/11 era: the globalization of terrorism
  • The Political Ecology of War, Natural Resources and Armed Conflicts
  • The European Union and the migrants crisis: Turkey as a key actor between the European Union and the Mediterranean
  • The Geopolitical changes in strategic perceptions in Asia, the rise of China and its relations with South East Asian countries, North Korea and Japan
  • The uprisings in the Middle East area.

Developping Potential Markets

  • Doing business in China
  • Doing business in India
  • Doing business in Russia
  • Doing business in Africa

This course aims to familiarize participants with all aspects of potential markets. These regions and countries are very important for the economic and strategic development of global companies. By the end of the class, you will have a firm grasp of the potential of each market, of the major language, cultural, social and behavioral differences, and of the projected growth and expansion.

Understanding the Global Consumer

This courses aims at understanding the current paradoxal global customer aspiring to exciting global brands and longing at the same time for local identity and proximity.

The course emphasizes learning more about customers needs by integrating information about their usage, behavior, and market trends; learning about what information big data can provide and how to use it in order to develop stronger relationships with customers through social media.

Moving to a Sustainable Logistics

The course provides a comprehensive overview of the economic proposals related to sustainability in international business. How to integrate environmental objectives and environmental strategies? It covers different issues and all the stages of the logistic chain: purchasing and procurement, the trend to fair trade, the quest for ethical approach, the issues about packaging. It examines green strategy of transportation and circular economy.

Defining Potential and Market Entry Strategy

A concrete business situation thanks to a group project. The project is about assessing the business opportunities of an emerging market. The course will provide tools in order to carry on a country risks and business opportunities analysis. The objective is to issue recommendations how to develop a business strategy, be familiar with the ability to develop business in an emerging market, mitigate risks and determine the best entry modes.

Paris Campus Eiffel - 3 weeks

2nd to 19th July

60 hours of courses, in English with seminars, case studies, company and cultural visits.

The final grades of the certificate obtained by the candidates will reflect a mix of:

  • active participation, oral presentations
  • case studies, workshops
  • exams

Each 3-week program delivers 8 ECTS credits.

Attendance to all lectures is compulsory in order to obtain the Certificate.



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