London Advanced Integrated English

June 3rd to june 7th

June 24th to june 28th

July 15th to july 19th

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One intensive week of language learning

Come study in the truly global city of London to give your future career a boost for today’s job market, where language skills and an international perspective are essential assets. London is the ideal location to gain insight and perspective on Europe and the world. This innovative program aims to provide the best combination of Business, Language, and Culture, in a very engaging in-class experience, as well as through extensive exposure to the City.

Intensive Integrated English

This class demands intense use of the five language skills in an integrated manner:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing and culture

Both traditional language skills and cultural literacy skills are enhanced through challenging cognitive and communicative tasks.

British Business Perspectives

  • Job Hunting for International Careers
  • Corporate Cultures & Management Styles
  • Corporate Leveraging of Social Media
  • Public Speaking, British Style

INSEEC London - 1 week

3rd June to 7th June

24th June to 28th June

15th July to 19th July


INSEEC U. London
32 Aybrook Street
London, W1U4AW
+44 (0)20 3725 4600
A minimum of 15 enrolled students is required to open a session.

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