Network and Web Security Concepts, Kill Chain and Forensics

Provided by ECE Paris & Lyon: School of Engineering

July 2nd to july 30th

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You have always dreamt of hacking a network? You may have tried to do it, but failed so far… We are here to help you! More seriously, this course will be an introduction to Cybersecurity, where we will teach students the fundamentals of Cybersecurity and Information Security. Students will learn about the various concepts of cybersecurity, including: goals, terminology, challenges and threat landscape. This course will also focus on attacks that happened these past few years.

Going over some useful prerequisites

First, students will review the fundamental network (TCP/IP), web (HTTP) and Linux Operating System. At the end of this course, students will have the background needed to understand basic network and web security.

Network Security

Students will learn firewall and proxy concepts to protect and monitor network traffic. In this part, we will see how we analyze traffic capture and how some sensitive protocol works like DNS (Domain Name System) and IPSEC.

Web Security

This course presents the context of web applications. First, we will review the basic foundation of web protocols such as HTTPS and explore the most important vulnerabilities and how we exploit them. Students will learn the most common top 10 web application attacks based on OWASP. In this part, students will manipulate tools to simulate attacks.

Pentest and Forensics

This course allows sudents to understand the kill chain attack, a common method to achieve a successful attack. Students will manipulate tools to perform a vulnerability scan to identify how to weaponize the attack. Students will learn to investigate and evaluate logs with forensics to understand the attack and identify threats.

Paris Campus Eiffel - 4 weeks

2nd to 30th July

60 hours of courses, in English with seminars, case studies, company and cultural visits.

The final grades of the certificate obtained by the candidates will reflect a mix of:

  • active participation, oral presentations
  • case studies, workshops
  • exams

Each 4-week program delivers 10 ECTS credits.

Attendance to all lectures is compulsory in order to obtain the Certificate.



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10 rue Sextius Michel
75015 Paris

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